Welcome you to Chalana Boat Yard Sri Lanka.

Over 15 years of experience in fishery industry, we are proudly opening our new doors to the international arena as Chalana board yard.
Our capabilities are,

•       Expertise in manufacturing finest luxury multi-day fishery boats. 
•       Consistently strived to manufacture the best quality boats using superior construction materials and skilled manpower.
•       Meticulous attention to the greatest condition of marine hardware, wood materials.
•       Carefully selected materials are amalgamated with the latest in high tech composite construction techniques to provide a master piece in boats.

Furthermore, we have established standards of excellence in the design and construction of multi-day fishing boats. It is a testament to our products and satisfied customers who have been with us for decades that it has appreciated and encouraged us to produce world class boats. In addition to that, our large pool of carpenters, artisans, engineers and other management personnel who are at our fingertips to produce high quality boats are the greatest achievement that we have achieved over the years. On the other side, we are assured the excellent quality of work as we did select our team delicately who are well versed in the technology of manufacturing boats to international standards.


Chalana Boat Yard, successfully established in year 2005 in Sri Lanka under the purpose of exclusively constructing multi-day fishing boats according to the needs of our valuable partners. As a responsible entity over the past few years producing  more than 400 boats remarkably to Sri Lankan fishery industry is the largest milestone which added a color to our rough  journey.

Therefore, one of our prioritized concerns is meeting our consumers` satisfaction up to the fullest extent by providing them their desired boat. Thus, we are very much keen on our clients’ requirements, budget, program and aesthetic selection. Further, our ultimate goal is to supply rigid, sturdy, well-insulated, durable, fatigue – resistant and small maintenance boats with an alternative option in good quality raw materials and standard manufacturing process along with our long sailing experiences.